Available for Self Hire or Operated By our Experienced IPAF Trained Operators

The aerial platform market is constantly evolving, so CTE replies and launches a new truck mounted articulated platform with an increased capacity up to 280 Kg, 21 m working height, jib, compactness, and … so much innovation.


The new ZED 21 JH represents the meeting between the peculiarities of the ZED 21 J (21 m working height with jib 2.1 m), the CTE patented stabilization system with connecting rods, and the concept of increased flow presented recently with the ZED 20 CSH. The new model presents all the features that earned the success of the most popular truck-mounted of CTE. Thus CTE is in the forefront of the market sector by offering for the first time in the segment of truck-mounted B driver license a 21 m working height with very innovative features, truly unique.
The double pantograph + telescoping boom + jib configuration allows the operator to reach 20.7 m working height with a 10 m outreach. The dimensions are compact.


The machine is configured in an optimal manner, both from the technical and operative point of view, in order to have a load of 300 kg on the basket over the entire working area without limitations. This means that anyone can work with a small footprint on the road, less than 3 m in width, without any way impair the safety and the performance, thanks to the zero “footprint tail”. This lets you use this machine to its full capacity and in a range of varied applications.


The jib: the inclination of the jib has been increased by 30 ° in positive, from 110 ° to 145 °, the modification was made to make more flexible use of the boom to particular jobs, such as the trusses.
Again, Due to the machine being under the 3.5t weight it can be driven on a standard car licence, on self hire it can be hired by any driver with a full driving licence and over the age of 18yrs, (Insurance excess varies depending oN circumstances)



  • Telescopic boom (4 Sections) (Main Boom + 1 Extension) with opening angle 180 degrees
  • 360 degrees continuous turret rotation on bearing turntable including powered hydraulics swivel.
  • Proportional electro hydraulic controls, with simultaneous manoeuvres (with ergonomic Joysticks)
  • Engine start / stop control from basket
  • Hydraulically extendable aluminium basket with 90 degree right and 90 degree left rotation
  • Anti slip aluminium flatbed decking
  • Electronic basket levelling
  • Basket Load Sensing device
  • Automatic working range delimitation (180) with outriggers extended only on one side (Left/Right)
  • Working range with outriggers not extended (narrow Jacking)
  • 4x Hydraulic outriggers with ground pressure sensors
  • Booms at centre warning lights at control stations (Cab Protection)
  • Water or compressed air socket in the basket
  • 230v ac CE Electric socket in basket
  • Buzzer indicating PTO engaged
  • Hour meter
  • Flashing Beacons and strobes
  • Donkey Engine for emergency operations and low emission plus quieter operations
  • Duel electric emergency lowering pumps for extra peace of mind and safety



  • Working height: 20,7 m ca.
  • Platform height: 18,7m ca.
  • Outreach: 10 m ca.
  • Capacity (two people and hardware): 280 Kg
  • Basket dim.: 1400x700x1100 mm
  • 360° continuous turret rotation on bearing turntable
  • Proportional electro hydraulic controls from basket and ground
  • 65° right + 65° left hydraulic basket rotation
  • GVW min: 3,5t, B license



  • Length: 6800 cm
  • Height: 2600 cm
  • Width: 2100 cm